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Women's adult survivors of child sexual abuse group

Join the Courage to Heal Support Group for adult survivors of child sexual abuse, meeting every Wednesday at 7 PM. Connect with compassionate individuals in a confidential and supportive environment. Find strength together and begin your healing journey.

Discussing Books

Teen groups

Does your teen struggle with forming genuine friendships in the age of social media or experience increased anxiety, depression, or low self-worth? Join us for Teen Connect Saturdays, a group for teens aged 13-16, meeting every Saturday at 11 AM, where your teen can put down their devices and connect with peers who understand their challenges. This group helps teens develop coping strategies and engage in real conversations that help them thrive.


Therapeutic Book Club

Do you enjoy reading self-help books? Do you struggle with relationships, Depression, Anxiety or ruminating thoughts? In this group we will explore together the utilization of Biblio-therapy. We meet weekly over 8 weeks to discuss the book and share our thoughts. On the 9th week we discuss options for the next book. Do you have a book you would like to share with the group? We would love the opportunity for you to be a part of our group. Meets virtually Monday 6pm

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